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Paid Search vs Daily Deals…A Story About Intent

We all know by now what daily deals site are and we can mention a few from the top of our heads: Groupon, Living Social, and our friends from Tampa . Last year’s Super Bowl brought us the first ads for daily sites like Groupon and Living Social. Daily deal sites have become somewhat of a darling for the media for both good and bad reasons. As companies, they have been able to grow at phenomenal rates that have made their investors very, very happy. They have been able to tap a new way to move coupons online in an effective and cheap manner. On the bad side, a lot has been said about the experience of the small businesses with making the deals profitable. However, it is not the purpose of this blog to discuss if this type of marketing is effective or not for small businesses but more so to understand the difference in intent from campaigns in the search engines and daily deals.

When users search on Google or Bing for something, they are in some level of an information-gathering mind frame. They can be at the earlier stages of the funnel, trying to find a solution or information about a problem or need they have. They can be deeper down the funnel, for example now searching for specific solutions or more defined search queries that spawn after the initial research. In essence they are looking for something. Their intent is defined. On the other hand, daily deals marketing does not rely so much on intent as on convenience and discounts. When I receive my daily deals, I have no specific intent to fulfill a specific need. I am more on a journey of discovery. I want to find good deals or discover businesses that I would otherwise not think about.

As a small business owner you need to keep this in mind when deciding about your marketing. In paid search campaigns you want to be clear about your products and services. You need to make sure your keywords, ads, and landing page are relevant. You are buying clicks from people that are searching for something specific. Give them what they want.

In daily deal campaigns, make sure you do something more than just give a good price. You want to attract clients that are not specifically looking for you. Your only differentiators should not be a good deal, but a good price. You need to come up with an exciting proposition. Make sure your deal is unique and exciting…Not just a pizza for half price.

If you want clients getting to visit your site based on a specific need, do pay per click campaigns on Google AdWords or Microsoft AdCenter. If you want clients to find you through exploration, do a daily deal campaign. My recommendation is DO BOTH. Not one or the other. They both complement each other and will end up providing cross pollination for your small business marketing.

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