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All-In-One Marketing For Ecommerce

All-In-One Marketing For Ecommerce

All-In-One Marketing for Ecommerce

There are many aspects to ecommerce marketing, and juggling the different elements can be a challenge for online businesses, no matter the size of the business. SiteWit offers several services and can automate all aspects of your online marketing. This way you spend your time where it matters most, growing your business. Check out our complete marketing circle below!

Google Marketing
SiteWit handles search engine marketing for you, using a PPC (Pay Per Click) model that tailors your ads to particular keywords and searches. You pick where to target your ads from an entire country, to specific cities. This way, you’re getting the most relevant traffic possible. Our automated bidding brain makes sure to spend your budget smart and efficiently, saving you the time and hassle.  Read more about our PPC services.

Display Marketing
Have you ever wondered how you view a website one day, and see ads for their business on your favorite websites the following days? SiteWit can intelligently show your ads on websites that your target demographics frequent; these can be ads prospecting for specific customers, or retargeting ads that focus on bringing back previous visitors to your site. Read about the importance of retargeting ads.

SiteWit Connect is a tool that narrows the distance between business and customer. Connect is installed to the business’s website, and it offers discounts and coupons to site visitors. It also allows visitors to ask questions, which are then sent immediately to the business owner’s phone so they can be answered quickly. Establishing a direct channel of communication with interested customers allows businesses to close leads more efficiently, and increase revenue. Connect is a monthly subscription with no long-term commitments, and even comes with a free trial!

Mobile App
Online business owners can use SiteWit’s free mobile app to more easily manage the different aspects of their SiteWit marketing from their phone. From the mobile app, business owners can see their online marketing campaign(s), visitor stats, best performing keywords, ad clicks, and much more. Best of all, the mobile app allows you to get back immediately to your new leads from SiteWit connect. Available for both IOS and Android devices!

In the world of analytics and data, it is vital to understand every aspect of your business. SiteWit provides the data you need to make important business decisions and grow your business, from website visitor states, to ROI tracking and much more. SiteWit’s analytics platform tracks the business’s purchases per product, source of purchases, and overall revenue. ROI tracking also estimates how much the business has to send to get one purchase and how much that purchase is worth. SiteWit stats are a must for any serious business.

Getting started with SiteWit is completely free, and there are no long-term commitments. All of the tools SiteWit offers are geared toward saving online businesses time, money, and stress on their marketing campaigns. SiteWit customers can relax in the knowledge that the bulk of their marketing campaign is on autopilot and taken care of, while they retain the ability to fine-tune their campaign if they wish.

Feel free to contact us at with any questions, or if you’d like help in getting started. You can also live chat in from our website, or setup a free consultation over the phone. We look forward to growing your business with our all-in-one marketing platform!

Author: Elise Bryant

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