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Ecwid Adds Kliken Stats Tab

Ecwid Adds Kliken Stats Tab

Ecwid’s free e-commerce and shopping cart solution enables hundreds of thousands of store owners to easily sell their products online. Having the new Kliken reports tab in their Ecwid control panel allows them to see how their store is performing online, analyze product performance, and make educated decisions for their store and product based on that data. Kliken is an analytics and marketing tool that manages your online marketing for you, providing in-depth analytics and stats. Kliken Stats allow store owners to see:

  • How many visitors your site has had, and what times people tend to visit
  • Your revenue and currency conversion rate
  • The number of orders placed
  • How many items people buy per order on average
  • How often people visit before making a purchase on average
  • How long visitors spend on the site before making a purchase on average

Kliken also provides marketing analytics:

  • What percentage of your traffic comes from organic searches, ads, social and more!
  • Your store’s top keywords
  • Your store’s conversion rate by channel

Kliken can then take this information and tailor your marketing campaign accordingly, or you can manually make the changes you desire.

Kliken is an analytics and marketing engine powered by SiteWit, using advanced algorithms and past store data to optimize your marketing campaigns and bring you the most up-to-date analytics. Kliken enables you to reach your ideal customers, increase revenue, and grow your store through automated paid search efforts and display advertising to bring customers back to certain products. Kliken is here to save you time and money by running your marketing campaign for you and getting your store found online while you focus on managing your store and products.

Ecwid and Kliken work best together, and have a deep integration that greatly benefits Ecwid’s merchants and makes selling their products online easier and cheaper.

Having the functionality that Kliken provides gives online businesses a notable advantage; Kliken allows business owners to make data-driven decisions for their businesses based on Kliken’s reported stats. Business owners can see how well their store is performing, their best products, categories, locations, etc. With this information, business owners can make better marketing decisions that increases their store’s reach and grows their business.

Stay on top of your store’s analytics and market your store to ideal customers. Check out the new reports tab in the Ecwid dashboard and view your store stats today!

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