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How to Best Manage My PPC Campaign: The Beauty of Automation.

“Managing PPC accounts can be overwhelming. There is so much to do and no one ever has enough time.” This is the first line of the article “How to run your PPC Accounts like a Project” by Brad Geddes. The article suggests using a project management system (for agencies) or a calendar (for the lone ranger) to organize your PPC campaigns and treat them as a “month-to-month project.” This involves creating a list of monthly to-do’s and having recurring events within that project management system/calendar to make sure that everything on that list gets done.

The idea of organizing and prioritizing necessary tasks in order to maintain a successful paid search campaign is one that I can completely agree with. PPC campaigns can be a very daunting task that can consume hours out of your day if left unchecked or, “…never get better because you never spend the proper amount of time to nurture and grow them” (Geddes). This is true. But why spend more time trying to manage time when the real answer is one simple word: Automation.

When you automate your PPC campaign management, you will spend fewer hours testing ads, researching keywords, setting bids….the list goes on. The majority of these complicated, time-consuming tasks should be technology’s burden, not yours. Letting the computer/software do the work frees up more of your time…time that can be spent elsewhere such as in improving landing pages, building a closer relationship with your current client base, and working on other marketing strategies such as SEO or Social Media.

Jake Hird wrote a blog post back in 2010 on where he advocates the use of PPC automation tools. His statements are still relevant today and he highlights three very important facts:

• Advertisers are turning to technology in order to improve campaign performance and measurement.
• Technology suppliers are having to adapt, to keep pace with a constant evolution of the search engines.
• Marketers are beginning to give greater attention to multichannel integration and attribution (Hird).

He is especially fond of tools such as automated bid management software because it gives a, “…significant competitive edge in an increasingly complex environment” (Hird). These statements couldn’t be truer. Automated bid management takes care of the tedious task of setting bids by automatically increasing or decreasing bids to keep your ads in a specific position. The software does this by constantly checking the bidding landscape for your keywords and uses data mining to keep you at that desired position for the lowest CPC possible.

PPC campaigns are enigmas that can be very hard to figure out, making them that much more difficult to manage. If this is true for SEMers that understand PPC then imagine how it must be for those small businesses that have no idea where to start or don’t have time to learn the intricacies of PPC in order to create a successful campaign. Sure, you can go ahead and take on your paid search campaigns as if they were a project. But it’s going to cost you valuable time and much headache to sift through tons of data searching for the right answer. Machines process information a million times faster than we do and they work around the clock! So think smart, invest in automation software, and let the machine do the work for you!

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